Office Speedy Beta Launch

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Office Speedy Beta Launch: The ultimate online resource to build your dream work-from-home company

Manila, Philippines., an ecommerce startup under their parent company My Bridesmade, beta-launches its website today, ____________, with the goal of becoming the biggest distributor of office supplies and custom corporate gifts in the country. The company is ready to help business professionals to adjust to today’s unique work-from-home structure.

In the midst of a pandemic that has caused massive dislocation amongst small businesses, helping our customers yield efficiency and make their workspace safe is the company’s top priority. Office Speedy offers productivity and promotional marketing tools for businesses to keep up with today’s rapidly expanding timelines and retain a strong public brand presence.


Your partner to working from home
With so many businesses switching to full remote work, employees are making major adjustments to their home environments to make the “new normal” easier to cope with. Office Speedy works hand in hand with companies to deliver every product that boosts focus and efficiency in their employee’s work-from-home setup. From office organizers and monitor risers to more expensive gifts like ergonomic chairs and standing desks, we help each client to feel a little more inspired throughout their work day by delivering wfh gift set to each employee’s doorstep.

A deep understanding on the business of relationships
Part of an entrepreneur’s marketing pipeline is to think about how to show their appreciation for suppliers and employees with a few well-thought-out gifts. After all, showing gratitude is among the number one way to foster better relationships with suppliers and employees alike, and gifts are a common way to share the sentiment. In the midst of a global pandemic, easy fallbacks like gift cards to favorite shopping centers or restaurants can come across as foolish, callous, or even offensive to recipients who are trying to responsibly social distance at this time.

So, what’s left? This is the time to have a flexible marketing plan, and effectively nurture your leads through inbound marketing. Office Speedy offers clients tried and tested promotional marketing products that will help bring in new customers while also getting old ones interested in coming back. You could even set up an automated gifting plan during a certain time period to ensure your business relationships are well taken cared off.

It’s frustrating when the people we rely on to fulfill our job duties overpromise and underdeliver. It leaves us backed up and with a whole lot of explaining to do. Changing plans late in the game is really difficult in procurement. From startups to FMCG brands, clients can easily navigate the Office Speedy website according to color, budget and timeline. Office Speedy also assures their “best price guarantee”. When you book your order directly, we promise you'll always get the lowest price online. If you find a better price somewhere else, we'll match it and give you five times the rewards points — so you can focus on running your business, not your wallet.

If you’re not yet ready to pursue your gifting campaign, you can download our FREE Giftology book for promotional marketing strategies and be inspired with tips and tricks to get started

Being a single resource of office furniture, supplies and corporate gifts, we make it easy for clients to transact with one supplier. Clients can conveniently enter the website that features a plethora of products and merchandise, and can be easily viewed either in smartphone mode or on the desktop..

Office Speedy’s product line-up also features personalized items which can be easily and efficiently ordered through our ecommerce website at a click of a button. Your custom quotation is sent within the day and orders arrive in as early as two weeks. Help doesn't stop with the sale either. The team’s expert customer relations and support staff are available Monday through Saturday to handle order concerns and inquiries.


Office Speedy is a single source company that helps organizations provide office supplies, furniture, corporate gifts and custom merchandise. It has been the prime leading company in providing clients with fast and impactful service in supplying their office requirements. We wish to inspire our shoppers and help them find the perfect way to work productively, honor their accomplishments and to thank their team through gifting. To learn more about the company or to book an interview, contact Debbie Wong at +63 917 847 8891, email or visit the website at

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