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Promotional Items for Education- School and Universities

Promotional Items for Education- School and Universities

Whether at school or an online class setting, be prepared for class with school supplies essential for your everyday needs. Our priority is to help you focus and prepare you in face-to-face and distance learning with our branded school supplies and promotional products. Browse for our list of essential needs that you must-have for your everyday class learning.


Online class learning has become the new normal since the pandemic started. This setting is not new for a person who enrolls in online universities. However, because of the pandemic, students as young as those who are in elementary tend to also adapt in distance learning. It is very challenging to set focus and be prepared for this every day routine.


We aim to help you set your focus and prepare for class, whether at school or in an online class setting. The idea of making safety and productivity a priority led us to create a list of our promotional products that every individual, school, and university needs.


This list is not limited to the ongoing classes but also perfect for a school’s promotional merchandise all year round. When you order your school’s merchandise through us, you will save not only your time but also lessen the cost with a wholesale pricing


  • In today’s time, school essentials now include medical supplies to ensure health and safety.  A contoured facemask is our best recommendation considering the level of comfort from people who wear glasses. Even with using eyeglasses or not, these contoured face masks are comfortable to wear and vary from different color and sizes fit from young to adult. Custom-made designs and logos are perfect for this kind of promotional item. 
contoured face mask


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  • Face shields are also necessary. These face shields held support from your forehead. This is also ideal for people who wear glasses. Its lightweight and transparent plastic material won't make you get tired of using it for long hours. You can also have it custom printed to input your school’s name and logo.
face shield


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  • In a standard school supply needs, pens would never be absent. This sharpie pens set is one of our most recommended products. It writes smoothly on any kind of paper and varies in different colors perfect to make your written lectures organized.

sharpie pens

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  • Never forget a deadline! Getting a planner helps in taking down important dates and notes. This is also perfect for listing down a to-do list and an excellent practice to help manage your daily schedule. Having a planner will help boost productivity. You can have this customized with your school logo suitable for students and faculty staff to use as their planners for school activities. 

cute planners

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  • Trendy promotional items such as t-shirts and hoodies never go out of style. Because of the online class setting, schools today don’t always require their students to wear uniforms. This is why school apparels are good alternatives to still feel connected to the school. You can choose from a variety of designs and have them customized with the school’s logo. 
hoodies and shirts

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  • Drinking water should not be forgotten even if we have busy schedules. It is important to take care of our health, getting tumblers is a perfect item to consider. Stainless steel tumblers will keep your water cold so you can feel refreshed every time you want to take a short water break. 


black tumblers

  • Loves coffee? Mugs it is! Students from high school, university, and even adults drink coffee to replenish energy. Mugs are also perfect giveaways and gift items from school merchandise. But take note that these aren’t just your ordinary mugs. This cork bottom ceramic mug allows you to place the mug on your table even without a coaster. 




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