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Promotional Items for Banks and Accounting Brokers - 7 Must Haves!

Promotional Items for Banks and Accounting Brokers - 7 Must Haves!

It is common for banks and other companies to reward their clients with promotional products. This encourages the clients to be loyal to the company’s services and to also attract new customers.


Promotional items are used in a lot of different ways in this kind of industry.  Most of the time, this shows appreciation to the client, a reward for an upgrade service, a gift for a celebration, etc. There are unlimited possibilities when talking about promotional items for the bank and accounting industry, whatever season it may be. We can always name a lot of products to give away.


However, note that it is always best to consider that the items you choose are suitable for long-term use and a product you can use everywhere. The goal of promotional products in this industry is that the clients could carry the items as much as possible to raise brand awareness.


We list down several ideal products that complement every reason the item will be given. We can also help you provide other promotional items in the different seasons and events your company will be having.


  • As an everyday use, pens would always be an option when it comes to promotional items. Banks often use desk pens to fill up forms and to sign. We recommend having our best seller, this promotional desk pen. The desk pen holder is attached with strong adhesive, placed on an easy-to-reach area; with this, pens are less likely to be lost.


desk pen

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  • Together with the desk pens, we recommend having promotional pens to be given away to the clients and/or for the company’s use. These rollerball pens write smoothly on any paper well suited for bank transactions. With its click-pen type feature you do not have to worry about misplacing your pen caps.




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  • Custom printed planners that have eventful bank reminders can be a perfect gift to clients. This planner may help them be reminded and keep track of their bank transactions. This is also good for regular everyday use. Most of the time, gifts like this are given at company events for appreciation.



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  • Promotional umbrellas are always a good idea. These umbrellas may serve as a reminder that bank transactions can be made, whether on a sunny or rainy day. Folding umbrellas are best to use as a promotional item. Since it is small and durable, it can fit on your bag protect you from any kind of weather. 


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  • Custom printed calendars are also one of our most recommended products. It still feels different checking the dates on an actual calendar rather than your gadgets. These calendars vary in size and can be hung and placed on any tabletops or shelves. This custom printed calendar can help people remember selected dates as well as your brand.






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  • Lately, tote bags are very trendy. Since many businesses shifted to advocating eco-friendly products, promotional items like this tote bag are a must. These tote bags are secured with zippers and have available pockets to organized some of your personal stuff to bring. Most bank transactions are professional. This is why high-quality and durable tote bags are also perfect to hold your documents and other belongings.


canvass bag

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  • Cardholders are best to give for a newly opened account, renewal, or even just a simple appreciation gift. These are perfect keeper for cards that a person always brings. With its trendy style and small size, it can easily fit your wallet and your bag’s pockets. 


cardholder for wallet

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