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Promotional Items for Construction and Building Trades

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Promotional Items for Construction and Building Trades

Nowadays, many people have taken advantage of having the time to build and construct their spaces. This is also an era where the rise of new companies heightens the competition with the established ones.


A competitive industry like the construction and building trades requires a lot of effort in promoting their company. Using promotional items that are relatively connected to their business will help boost popularity among potential clients.


Promotional items for this kind of industry are something that should draw attention and at the same time think and understand what business the company is in. It is also important to consider that the items should also be regularly used to promote your brand.


We created a list of several recommendations that can help promote your brand in remarkable and straightforward ways. These are not only limited to promotional purposes. But are also ideal to be given as appreciation gifts to clients. These items would leave an impact on the services they had with you.


  • Straightforward promotion is the best idea for this kind of industry. Having a set of branded high-quality tool sets would impress your employees and clients. This item is well suited for small handy tasks to be done. The toolset consists of standard everyday tools that help in fixing, screwing, and attaching tasks. It is best to give your employees and clients a toolset like this.


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  • Flashlights are sometimes an underrated item. But in an industry like this, flashlights are special and a need. It is common to keep flashlights in your home, car, office locker, etc., to be prepared whenever you encounter blackouts or simply reach a dark spot. These flashlights are heavy-duty and durable in any weather. Its water-resistant feature allows you to use this on heavy rains.


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  • Tape measures are an employee’s best friend when it comes to this industry. Taking appropriate measurements always matters in tasks and items you need to consider. This tape measure is best to have since it features measurements in centimeters/inches and in feet.
measuring tape


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  • A sticky note is an item we thought we won’t need, but we do. This sticky note has an adhesive that could be attached to an object for a simple reminder. In this kind of industry, sticky notes aren’t only used for office documents but can also help mark reminders.
sticky notes


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  • With constructions and buildings at hand, permanent marker sets are handy tools needed and at the same time promote your business. This permanent marker writes well to any object. It is also perfect when you need to mark metals, write permanent messages on board, etc. This permanent marker is great for promoting your brand as it can also be used and kept anywhere. 




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  • Promotional caps are also one thing to consider when in line with this kind of business. Caps usually represent strong builds, protection, and personality when used. This is why it is an ideal item to promote your brand. Caps that are on-trend and have a classic minimalist design can be used anywhere. Having your business brand printed on the caps can further promote your brand. 



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  • These hardhat key chains are a bonus. These keychains are a perfect reminder of your business. With its small and cute design, anyone would take a look to check where this key chain is from. Also, note that this hardhat keychain is not your typical keychain for display but is also a bottle cap opener from below.


hard hat keychains


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